Another day in Kat’s world

Hello Dolls!

I had my every 6 months check up with my immunology and let’s just say it’s all GOOD!

The product Privgen that I’ve been on for almost a year now have shown great changes in my health and my doctor is actually presenting my profile as a patient who had great results with Privgen . . . So I’m called the “Poster Child” I will post the poster my doctor had put together about my improvement with Privgen. Ev entually when I’m done with school and found work then find the time to be off work . . . I’m traveling with my doctor to show the real picture of this 20 soon to be 21 young women who been in the deep end of the black hole and crawl out of that deep end . . .  One Step At A Time.

And due to having Severe haemolytic Anemia , my spleen tends to be larger than life . . . now 6 months ago it was 1 1/1 fingers (centimeters) of how my doctor can feel my spleen. Today was just a tip! and in the past it always been a 3 or 4 even! I have to say Privgen is my lifesaver!

We discuss about doing my IVIG every 4 weeks (one a month) to see how well I can do because of my improvement with privgen and we’ll look more into it in the spring and after the winter has passe. . . but tell you the truth I don’t think Winter LEFT! With this on a back burner, this would mean my average IVIG a year from 17 to 13 is a big change! So in April of 2012, we shall see what the next step is.

I can’t wait to see where my life unfolds for the new year because I have plans that will make my life more healthier and live larger than life.



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