CSL Plasma St.Paul, MN

Wow! these guys were amazing! Had a tour of the center which was in an old building and narrow staircases.

Gave PowerPoint Presentation to staffs and many were speechless with my story and one worker want to do a film on my story! Never had that happen and staffs kept saying that I’m truly a miracle right before their eyes because I been through so much in my lifetime.

They store their plasma a little different from BioLife . . . How?

CSL use bottles and BioLife uses bags

CSL send shipment of collected plasma every week! and I learn there only a 30 minute window for the plasma when the donor is disconnected from the IV and getting that plasma process in those 30 minutes.

I definitely had a GREAT experience and I just can’t wait when I’m more available to attend more centers like Duluth, Minneapolis and of course St. Paul!Wisconsin only has two centers . . . sad, down in Beloit and Racine. I’ll make my goal to go to those centers in the future like 2012 which is not too far!

CSL Plasma

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