Two Kat

Today I’ve been bugging on the fact that I wish I had two me, because that way everything I need can be done in a “timely” manners. But cloning isn’t advance yet and I’m afraid that #2 will outsmart me and not in a good way.

Why 2?

I need another me to do half of my homework

Filled in some hours of internship

Give my overstuffed brain a break

I can gain more sleep even thought that term seems to slowly slipping out of my vocabulary book

“Where the fun me? What has my life gotten to?”

If people believe that I don’t snap, I really can and if this particular snapping that will eventually happen . . . You better watch out.

Decemeber, Please get here!!! I don’t care about the snow or the cold I just want you here! I’ll be a happy cat purring away witht the thoughts I made it to the end, I walked the stage of graduation and my real life can begin.


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