Breaking Dawn Review

From last night posting of what myself and Katie expected . . .   From researching the book of Breaking Dawn and The official Guide book, many things were up to par.

There was a wedding with a cold feet dream . . .

The expected surprise wedding gift was very bright but downward to darkness

In the book Bella and Edward waits in the living room to announce their engagement . . . that didn’t happen but that okay not everything is put into the movie

We catch a glimpse of Quil and claire

The BIG Jacob’s imprinting and I have to say that was awesome.

Of course there were the sex scenes, with headboard broken the next morning and the feathers!

Birth scene I keep that to myself for now

And of course the one I hope they put in . . . Edwards hears the baby. 

Plus Bella’s Transformation into this gorgeous immortal

Also Jacob getting near sick when Bella drinks blood (that was funny)


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