It getting there! Just a few more days and then it graduation and 21st birthday.

 I have exactly 6 days (well 5 days since I will miss next friday for Infusion day) til school done

 There is 13 days util graduation walk December 20th is the big day, I wonder what i’ll do to my hair?

 Then there is 21 days till my 21st birthday

 The plan for my 21st is eat at Olive’s Garden, bake cupcakes TWICE!

 I will be making the margeritas with lime glaze and pina colda for my Wedneday night class next weel . . . what better way for tasting than a 24 student class? I also get their input and then I bake them again on the 26 or 27 before my actual birthday for my friends who are BOLD to try these crazy flavors. 

Yep I will be having a crazy weekned this week and be relaxing and celebrate christmas, graduation and of course my birthday the following two weeks to come.

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