Infusion Blog #3

Sighs, there isn’t much to say but what can I do? Some infusions are exciting or some are boring . . .it seems that I’m popular today, had 5 nurses in my room or nurses pop in and out of my room. Odd but this make my infusion an exciting one.

Had a very long chat with one of my PIDD friends, and we talked literally to the time I was access,  I’m dealing with some school issues such as signing up for a particular class that is filled.

Reading NightShade, pretty awesome so far! And playing Yatzytee on my Ipad

I hope that my next infusion I will have one of my best friends with me to do an blog and what her thoughts are on my Infusions. Perhaps I’ll come up with some questions? and Interview her? LOL I just might be crazy enough to do that.

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