Book Boyfriends

Ok, so one of the author I follow, she did a blog on book boyfriend and that kind of inspire me to do one as well.

So there were SOOO many books that I’ve read and there were so many male characters that I fell in love with!

So let’s get started

Wolves of Mercy Falls, Grace’s BF Sam and Isabel’s BF Cole

The Mortal Instruments, Clary’s BF Jace, Isabel’s BF (maybe?) Simon

Werecats Series or as I called it Faythe’s World, Faythe’s BF Marc and Faythe’s Fidelity Jace

Soul Screamers, Kaylee’s BF Nash or now current Tod

Halo/Hades, Beth’s BF Xavier

Nightshade, Calla’s (Arranged Mate) Ren and (Choosen Mate) Shay

Bridger, Ashlyn’s BF Liam

Hush Hush, Nora’s BF Patch (Jev)

Mercy Thompson, Mercy’s EX Samuel (Sam) or the Alpha Male Adam?

De La Vegas, Kendra’s BF/Husband/Mate Max

SO who should I choose? That is so hard to do!

Mercy Falls, Sam would be considerd

Faythe’s World, I have to say Marc all the way

Hush Hush, I would die to meet Patch’s broodiness

Soul Screamers, I like them both! You can’t possible make me choose between Nash and Tod!

Brigdger, Liam sounds nice but I need to know more about him

Halo/Hades, Xavier is sweet but he might be too sweet

The Mortal Instrument, Jace need to know who he is before I can debate on him and Simon

De La Vegas, Max may be too much for me to handle and plus he’s taken and married! So it wouldn’t work out

Mercy Thompson, I’m gonna wait to see where Samuel and Adam is with Mercy

and Finally . . . Nighshade, I would go for Ren, Sorry Shay! but I like Ren very much


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