Ok, I’m going post a title poll on my other blog KHN’s Blog http://khn20.wordpress.com/2012/01/20/title-poll/ 

The title as of the moment is “Megan” Megan is the main character of this story and I really need to think of something better than a


Why I nned a title?

One, I need to think of something other than Megan

Two,  I need opinions of an title

So here’s a “Not a complete Blurb” for Megan

Summer before Senior year starts, Tragic accident that leaves Megan blind . . . yes blind, Senior year will be no walk in the park for Megan while she hopes a donor comes along. Megan’s desire to help people was always one of her greatest qualities but when she has to help David, a jock no less who spends more time partying and playing football than focusing on school and family. David’s life is slipping unless Megan helps him see what in front of him. It’s true what people say, opposite does attracts and David falls deeply for Megan as he learns more about life and her.

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