Which Book Boyfriends would you want for Valentine’s Day?

A little fun and funny Blog, If the books you read has super hot boyfriends and you wish your BF was like that or If you’re single and you want that Boyfriend. What would be your ideal V-Day date? Picture that all the Books BF are available.

There are many to chose from but I narrow my 5 possible BF for Valentine’s Day,

1. Nash: Jock       2. Jace: Warrior     3. Patch: Guardian      4. Xavier: Human  5. Tod: Reaper







Now any of these guys could do a candle light dinner,execpt for Jace, he rather do training session than Candlelite dinner.

Xavier is committed to Beth but I can dream can’t I?

Patch can surprise me in many ways, from him an surprise would work

Nash can be romantic and help you made dinner than sit on the sidelines

Tod he’ll  do just about anything that he believe would be a nice date

Now it’s your turn to share your Valentine’s Day date with one of your book crushes/BF



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