Soul Screamers Cover Mania!!!

Ok I’m sure about ALL of Rachel’s fans saw the UK cover of BEFORE I WAKE . . . can you say “Firey Cover?” yes I do mean firey cover Why? look at the photo yourself and tell me why not.

I have to think, what will happen in Before I wake? and Rachel’s tweets are already saying we will HATE her for the Ending.  

Reasons of positive adtitude   

No. 1: Rachel we can’t HATE you!  

No. 2: IF I DIE was a book changer for all of us and we will have to accept the fact of what will happen in BIW has to happens.

No. 3: This is only book 6, so there is one more to come!

No. 4: Kaylee does what she thinks is right no matter what others says

No. 5: We will have to assume that Nash and Kaylee are still fighting even in the end of BIW

No. 6: I don’t know if any of us wishes for Kaylee and Tod to “get it on” quite yet and I’m sure her dad would have a heart attack if they do

No. 7: There is a HUGE  saying that everything happens for a reason . . .

No. 8: Tod still has to tell Nash the really truth about his death

No. 9: Will there be any connection to “Niederwald”?

Lastly but not least No. 10: Who will be Kaylee’s next assignment?

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