Book Challenges

Ok so I have some pretty insanely, amazing books to read

But I have a challenge to myself as a reader . . . no I have two challenges

One) is a participation fun reading for the long await of Rachel Vincent’s Soul Screamer Book 6: Before I Wake, which comes out in JUNE!!!

Two) is a 2012 Reading Challenger presented by Goodreads

Challenge No. 1 deals with re-reading or start reading the Soul Screamers series and I am currently re-reading the seires and AHH! I love it!

Challenge No.2 I set a numbers of books I need to read in ONE YEAR which is 25 books. I have read 7 so far those are included witht he re-reading challenge and I’m currently reading TWO right now. No. 1 is My soul to Save and No. 2 is Blood Bound: Mercy Thompson

So now I’m challenging myself NOW I will read at least 50 books, that is double than what I had orginally set! I hope I can do it


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