Infusion Blog #5





Yes I know it late doing my Infusion Blog from Friday, but I was held up with other stuff . . .

This time there are photos!!! I manage to take photos this time around,

I have the Privigen bottle (this is the small one and the last bottle I get during my infusion, I get 3 large bottles and 1 small)

The next photo is a snapshot of my “Megan” story I am on chapter three (I think but after I completely finished it, I’ll go back and add more MAYBE)

Patricia Briggs, is one of the authors I’m reading, this book is the second book of her Mercy Thompson series and right now there’s a lot going on in her world

I took a snapshot of me, enjoying my infusion and time alone to work

And lastly, it’s something different for once . . . Smile by Avril Lavigne, I was listening to it as I worked on Megan. So I decided this was my song of the day.

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