My Soul To LOSE

Here are some memorable I   moments like . . .

 No. 1, “So long as it leads to Toby’s public humiliation, I’m in.” Kaylee said, duly noted Toby is her EX-Boyfriend”  

 No.2,  “Showing up at homecoming with Nash would have been all the revenge I could ask for against Toby. But that wasn’t gonna happen. I wasn’t even a blip on Nash Hudson’s social radar” 

 No.3,  “Hey, don’t let this plaice get yo you, okay? I’ve seen a lot of kids lose their souls in hee, and I’d hate to see that happen to you.” Paul said to Kaylee 

 No. 4,     “I always admire Kaylee’s uncle Brendon. He knows Kaylee doesn’t belong in a mental hospital because she is not crazy. He wanted to wait for his own brother to step up to the plate about the truth about who/ what Kaylee really is”

No. 5, “She took too much” Kaylee said referring to Lydia who took Kaylee’s pain? But I’m not sure what she took that she passed out and convulses                        

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