My Soul To SAVE: Review

My Goodreads Review: Khnloves2read  4/5

Kaylee is at it again, this time it’s because Tod asked her with Nash being very possessive.
Tod used to date Addison Page, Addison Page had sold her soul to a hellion as well her sister Regan   without knowing the consquences. Libby is the oldest reaper around and she is coming for Addison in just a few days. Kaylee still struggles with her dad being over-protective, now that he enter in “Dad-moe” after 13 years.
When Addison realizes what mistakes she made, she wants her soul back and Kaylee offers to help even with Nash being relucant about the whole thing but he does it because of Kaylee. Kaylee and Nash have very limited alone time since Kaylee’s dad came back and he setting boundaries all over them.
Kaylee pushes her limits and enter herself in the neitherworld only to get herself hurt. Nash and Tod along with Addison and Regan are one step closer to find the hellion of avarcie.
This book creeps in a little of Tod’s past and shocking amusement from Kaylee. Kaylee and Nash are still strong but I think Nash is a little possessive of her for some reasons. Kaylee is still learning how to control her wail and dealing with her dad’s rules.         

Now you got the review . . . how about some favorite quotes?

  1.  “What’d you do, crawl all the way here?” Tod said as Nash said “Some of us are bound by the laws of physics.”
  2. “I see death hasn’t killed your sense of humor” Addison said”                                    
  3. “and I already know what I want for des-sert.  .” Nash”
  4. “Don’t tell me you’ve never had a drink. Or that you’re a virgin.” Addy said to Nash.
  5. One of my favorite sayings in this book “The worst memories stick with us, while the nice ones always seem to slip though our fingers.”
  6. “it’s a side effect of the process. You know how they say the eyes are the windows to the soul?” “Evidently they mean that literally. Once the soul is gone, theres nothing to see through the windows “Tod said”                                    
  7. “Give it a rest, already.” “it’ already smells like sex in here, and you’re both still dressed. You have no idea his messed up that is.” Tod said interrupting Nash and Kaylee make out session
  8. “I’d rather be late-but-whole than punctual-but-dead.” Nash said”                                    
  9. “A reaper’s soul is rarer than a human soul?”
  10. “Emma, this is my brother.Tod” Nash said to Emma after Tod appear in her car”
  11. ” I see you all the time, but you’ve never seen me, because Kaylee saud if I got too close to you, I’d suffer eternity without my balls.” Tod said.”
  12. “Just some girl To dhas a crush on.”  “It’s not a crush.” he spat, as if the word burned his tongue. “I’m trying to save her life.” “Not really her life ,” “We’re trying to save her soul.”
  13. “i think that’s crimson creepers, and if it s, the thorns are poisonous.” Nash said inspecting kaylee’s wounds
  14. “Nash jerked back in surprise, and the point of his knife pierced the balloon he held. The point of no return”
  15. “Ah! Tod kissed kaylee on the cheek?  She was even more surprise that the kiss was warm for someone who is dead. How did I miss this?”      
  16. “Your life, or your friends’?Or your soul?” Avari said “Kaylee, He’s just trying to buy your soul. Tod said “Tell me the truth, Tod. Can I die here?” kaylee asked”                                                     
  17. “Kaylee don’t ask questions you don’t want answered,” Tod said referring to a clipping

2 thoughts on “My Soul To SAVE: Review

  1. I truly appreciate this post. I’ve been looking everywhere for this! Thank goodness I found it on Bing. You’ve made my day! Thank you again! facckeedaedd

    • Were you looking for this particular book? I’m no longer doing this blog. I kind of forgot to make that announcement last year in late Feb/Early March. I am now under a new blog called SassyCat’s Books Review on blogger where I move all my bookish things now. I’m deicated that blog for only book related posts

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