My Soul To Keep: Review

Ahhh! I have finished the book today! When I should have been doing something else

  My Goodread reiew

 This book has my heart crackling . . . Heartreaks, lies, betrayals. Kaylee has finally served her grounding time only to discover Demon’s breath on one of the jocks and it’s up to her to cut off the supply. Nash as I said before In My soul to Save is very possessive of Kaylee in odd ways.  Nash and Kaylee are in constant arguements and Nash keeps influencing her which pisses her off. Tod shows up here and there but he been see addison as part a a favor for avari. Scott goes haywire and Kaylee ends up injured, Nash is keeping a very dark secret. When Kaylee put the pieces together that when the heartbreaks, the betrayals and the lies she been given all along. The ending is so bittersweet but will there be hope for Kaylee and Nash? 
No. 1: “There’s only you, Kaylee.” Nash said while they’re making out on a lounge couch, then Tod interupts “Oh, blah, blah, blah,” “You love him, he loves you, and we’re all one big, happy, sloppy, dorky family.”
No. 2: “You can’t cross over. Hellions don’t like to lose, and Avari’s going to be out for your soul for the rest if your life, Kaylee.”
No. 3: “I don’t know. He’s hot and he’s fun. Why does it have to be deeper than that? We’re not all looking for a lifetime commitment at sixteen, Kay.” ~ Emma      
No. 4:   Nash is getting a little too pushy on sex. . . When his other hand found the waist of my jeans, I turned my head and shoved him with both hands. “I said stop.” He frowned “what’s the problem? I’m not using any influenve.”                    
No. 5: I don’t want someone else, I want you.” Nash said after Kaylee told him that he could find someone esle to fill his needs”                                    
No. 6: “And Kaylee. Im sorry about last night. I can wait. You know that right?” ~ Nash”                                    
No. 7: “Sounds like your little puss grew some claws! Does she purr when you stroke her? ’cause this one sure does.” ~ Scott said when Kaylee snapped at Sohphie”
No. 8: “”like Peter pan. Make wendy sew my shadow back on. . . – Scott”
No. 9: “Just a few stitches dad “Try 28″ tod said startling her dad Damn it tod! Do not sneak up on me in my own house I don’t care how dead you are! Shoe yourself or get out! Kaylee dad shouted  Your house your rules. Tod I changed my mind. Get out!”
No. 10: “Tell me that this isn’t yours – kaylee holding the red balloon as if it was a bomb waiting to explode. Tell me the truth, Nash. No response from him tell me this isn’t yours  The unforgettable answer.  I can’t kaylee, it’s mine. Looking at her in the eyes”
No. 11: Nash’s demon breath has a higher concentration than what doug and scott were taking. and he lied to kaylee about him taking care of the ballon she and him took away.  how long have you been lying to me?  A month, it happen when we crossed over kaylee in a way you started it. . . the blaming game i’m just frustratedd by the irony the ballon were orginally your idea remember?”
No. 12: “Do you have any idea what I give for more memories of my mother Nash?  What memories Nash? What did you lose? The most intense only the ones with real value to me have value to him  Us?  Nash have all the emotions of kaylee and him”
No. 13: Return your damaged lover. Alec said to Kaylee  Your boyfriend Nash I assume you remember him or does the heart forget so soon?”
No. 14: “Tod!  Tod! Get your invisible butt down here!”
No. 15: What the hell is wrong with him?  He’s not the same Tod, he’s been influencing me and he’s lying all the time. He said he gave Scott’s first balloon to you to get rid of but I’m guessing you never saw it.”
No. 16: “I dont want a boyfriend who cares more about his next fix than about me”
No. 17: And I certainly don’t want one who lets you step into my body without even telling me I’m being worn like a used condom”
No. 18: So which one will it be? The father or the lover? Which do you love more?”  – Avari                                 
No. 19: “Kaylee Cavanaugh, you bitch! that’s a 600 dollar gown and you ruined it! What the hell are you doing in my dress? ~Sophie the Queen bitch”
No. 20: “Hey am I interuprupting something? – Tod  “Yes get out” – Nash  “You want me to go? good I just checked on your friend in the straightjacket but first….tod punches nash in the face that’s for what you let him do to kaylee.”
No. 21: “I can’t Nash not yet i’m sorry.”  “Kaylee wait. what do you want? Tell me and Ill do it please.  I want to fix your memories so you can remember what this felt like the first time. Kaylee kissed him  Nash I want yout to get better so i can have you back.”

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