Sabine Campbell’s World

The world of Sabine Campbell

We first meet Sabine in My Soul to Steal (which I happen to be reading) but we didn’t know her true story until Fearless came out from Kiss Me Deadly 13 tales of paranormal love. and the intense romance between her and Nash

Sabine was sent to a place called the Holser House after breaking a few violations of the law and now she was in state custody,  Sabine is a mara . . . a creature that feed on nightmares and she was living in one at the Holser House. This is when Nash and Sabine were together (yes I do mean together as a couples) when she was sent to the House, that took her away from him and the family surroundings that Nash has. Nash make a visit here and there and Sabine describes him as completely fearless of what she is btu she read him and he was scared of himself because of Male Bean Sidhe’s influences hits at puberty. Sabine’s trouble runs into Greer who been feeding off the girls at Holser House and she was a emovere. The ending was Nash and Sabine facing this emovere (sounds familiar anyone? Nash and Kaylee facing evil?) and it was bittersweet . . . Sabine never wanted Nash to leave her and she never wanted to lose him so they made a promise. “promise you wont leave me, Nash” “You’re stuck with me forever, Sabine”

Now the next journey RV present us is Sabine and Emma’s odd trip . . . known as Niederwald

Niederwald is the thin barrier between the human world and the Netherworld and the population of humans were actually less here than where the gang live.

Sabine on mission . . . she was here before but now she’s back and it for the same reasons. Nash was her mission, and Syrie was could see glimpses of the future. Syrie gave Sabine info on how to find Nash but Sabine wasn’t entirely satisfied when she thought Nash still looked for her but only found Kaylee his current girlfriend. Sabine wanted to know if there was ever a chance she would get him back . . .that was her mission today. Syrie drew what she seeks and found Kaylee with someone who was not Nash in the picture. (Complete Shock? I thought so too when I read it before IF I DIE). Then Sabine mission went from a need to know to a saving the day kind of thing when Emma get in trouble. Sabine has something that was incredibly sentimental to her that Nash has given her because it reminded him of her.  After a few kick ass scenes Emma and Sabine made it to the car safely, the drawing that syrie made was right there in front of emma to look and when she did Sabine freaked because Emma was Kaylee’s best friend. Emma couldn’t believe it either when she asked Sabine if she was going to show the drawing to Kaylee or much less Nash but Emma’s perspective changed when she said “you can’t tell them, you don’t know if this really going to happen”


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