The Body Finder

So I have picked up The Body Finder By Kimberly Derting and I chose to read it even though I’m reading My Soul To Steal and Damned but there are many reasons for it.

1. I’m ahead of the Soul Screamer Challenge so my pace can be slowed

2. Damned is a thick book with never-ending chapters, so it not a big deal when I finished

3. The Body Finder is 100% amazing! I have never been hit by a book like this . . . well maybe from Rachel Vincent’s Shifter series (maybe)

So what’s so special about the Body Finder?  (Note it’s spoiler)

VIOLET is a teenage girl who has a gift, her gift enables her to find dead things (yes dead things) sure when she was a kid finding dead animals weren’t a problem to her as long they got the proper burial. The pull she get from the dead is impossible to walk away from so she has to seek them in order for her to feel calm, but while at a beach party that “Pull” didn’t lead her to a dead animal . . . it led to a dead girl. A serial killer is out hunting girls and leaving to Violet to find their dead bodies, but that not the only thing Vi has to worry about . . . She has a best friend name Jay who apparently became more handsome than ever before and girls wanted a piece of him. Although Violet says that she and Jay are just “friends” inside she wants more than friendship. Homecoming was coming up and one of Violet and Jay’s friend Grady who had a crush on Vi as a kid asked her out, then Vi feels distraught when Jay gives her the silent treatment, but at a party Grady cross the line and Jay suddenly showed up pulling Grady off Violet when she effortlessly try to push Grady away. Jay tell Violet to get into the car but she refused because of the way he treated her for the past week but Jay’s determination lead to him expressing his true feelings for Vi by kissing her. Another girl ends up missing and a search is on for the missing girl but Violet knows she’s dead but that not all she knows, SHE knows who killed her. Shocked by her discovery Violet felt immediately in danger and sought of one of the officers near by. Jay and Violet were officially a couple and they were going to homecoming TOGETHER . . . but again Danger lurks and it is reveals that the serial killer was not alone, the partner in crimes know that Violet knows something so he invades her at homecoming and threaten to kill her but Jay come to her rescue but then the danger grows when it both Jay and herself facing a certain death. Lucky Violet’s Uncle was there and stop the killer from killing his own niece and her boyfriend.  

SO I recommend picking up this book, if you’re looking for something new, and something blue . . .


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