Infusion Blog # 7

Today I had the best nurse ever! Ingrid! I almost didn’t recognizes her because she cut her hair! (I would love to share a photo of me and her but I will attempt to do that when I visit the 2nd floor again for another IVIG)

My primary goal today at my infusion was to take as many “needed” pictures because I am writing my speech on  Patients with PIDD on IVIG. So look below to view the photos.

So You wonder what is all of this? This is some of the stuff I need to say healthy and how it is administered. The bottles are what I get every three weeks, I receive 3 20 grams bottles (those are the large one) and I get one 10 grams bottle(which is the midget). I get saline flush before and after my IVIG. The yellow syringe is the heparin is after I’m completely done with the IVIG, the heparin is what keeps my port clean and protected from getting blocked up.  The number on the bottle is the Lot Number which is something I have to put in the EhealthRecord to keep track of my IVIG.


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