My Soul To Steal

Book number 4, My Soul to Steal . . . First off let’s start with just how pretty the cover is. The majority is like a royal blue and Kaylee wearing a strapless blue dress along with the first promo picture of Nash standing behind her.

Now if you have read My Soul to Keep, (If You haven’t then continue reading with cautious) you’ll know that Nash has an addiction problem 😦

So Let’s start with the review from my GR (If you want to be friends with me . . . Khnlove2read)

Kaylee’s world has just got more complicated . . . Yes complicated. While Nash is struggling to deal with his addiction, a piece of Nash’s past before East Lake has come. Sabine Campbell is Nash’s old girlfriend and why she here at East Lake is for one thing only .. .Nash. While Kaylee try to deal with Sabine, she also know tat she is not normal, human and it makes her uncomfortable. Alec is someone who Kaylee saved from Avari but he been acting strange since he enter the human world. Kaylee gets horrid nightmares, Tod seems to be willing to help Kaylee whenever she needs it. Kaylee and Nash are still on the rocks but are trying to work things out even with Sabine threats. Meanwhile Avari has something up his sleeves and the East lake high students are losing their minds. In the end Kaylee was able save Sabine, Emma and Alec with Nash and Tod help. Five Stars

My ratings are pretty different from most normal blogger, reader/ reviewer . . . I simply rate my books by how much I enjoy the book assets good and bad.

 Now time for favorite quotes. and I promise this one will be shorter . . .Cross fingers

No. 1 “”Kaylee Cavanaugh. You must be the new ex.” Sabine”

No. 2 “”I told you it wasn’t worth saving. You can’t win the game if you won’t even play. You have to deliver.””

No. 3 “”He said she was your first, and you two practically shared the same skin for, like, a year””                                    

No. 4 “”Since he can’t do anything else for Addy, he’s decided that he’s your white knight, and I don’t think he’s going to forgive me until you do.” Nash”

No. 5 “”I’m not into girls, Kaylee,” “But if I were, I think you’d be my type.” Sabine  “I’m not talking about sex, though that offer’s definitely on the table.” “I’m talking about my heart everything I am and everything I have – and you’re not.. You’re too scared to trust him, and you can’t really love someone you don’t trust. So if you care about him at all, you’ll let him go, before you screw him up for good.” Sabine”

No. 6 “”Then who’d be around to pop in and drive you nuts when you start getting too serious? I perform an important role in your life, you know.” Tod”

No. 7 “”You gonna let living dead boy protect you, or are you gonna put on your big-girl pants and fight for your boyfriend?”Sabine”

No. 8 “”Nash and I aren’t a thing of the past. We’re a thing of forever. You’re a fleeting fascination for him. The only female bean sidhe he’s ever met, other than his mom. Of course he’s going to be curious, but curiosity’s all it is. He’ll get over that, and he’ll get over you, and I’ll be there waiting.””

No. 9 “”No. I wouldn’t forget you, or a single moment we spent together, Sabine. You were my first everything, and that Stijl means something, even now that everything’s changed. It always will.” Nash”

No. 10 “”You let me know when you decide what the hell you want from me. I love you, and I miss you, and I’ll be waiting, whenever you’re ready. But don’t soy on me again. Ever.” Nash “and as for the two of you…Work it out. Or don’t work it to. But leave me the hell out of it.” Nash”                                    

No. 11 “”You can’t tell me there’s nothing left for me in there. I know there is. I can see it in you eyes.” “I know I don’t deserve a second chance, but I’m asking for one. Let me prove how serious I am. Just one more chance.” Nash (my heart goes out to his regret feelings but not his past actions)”                                    

No. 12 “”So. . . The cure for hellion possession is a pet?””

No. 13 “”So this is it? We’re using jewelry and puppies to ward off evil?” Nash


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