Another great book!

Hex Hall by Rachel Hawkins

My GR review: Welcome to the world of . . . (no wait, this isn’t Harry Potter! It’s better!) Sophie Mercer is a dark witch, but she knows nothing of her family history until she came to Hex Hall where everyone seems to know just how well  known her father (whom she never met). Adapting to Hex Hall, her roommate is a vampire  she already made enemies just by not joining a coven and taking a interest in a warlock named Archer Cross. When the witches are being mysteriously drained, all fingers points at Sophie’s vampire roommate. Now its up to sophie to find an explantation to the mystery killing of witches. Sophie also made contact with her dead great grandmother who appartenly was the reason why the most powerful witches in Hex Hall were getting killed. Now if that wasn’t enough Sophie’s attraction to Archer Cross puts her in even more danger when doing celler duty lead to her learning that he is part of a group call the EYE. This book is better than Harry Potter and more thrilling, I like that this book has a romantic interest but with a twist and Sophine Mercer being her own Twist.


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