Infusion Blog #8

Well the start of the day of relaxing went into frustrating mode . . . It’s 10:00am and the IVIG still has not come up from the pharmacy. (I’m confused :/)

Finally a little after 10:30am, my IVIG came up and I found it odd that I just talk to my doctor about the time it takes for my stuff to come in my room. . .

So what did I do today during my infusion? I HAD to critique my group members from my speech class on their speech, that wasn’t too hard . . .

I had two book with me which is what I’m currently reading and I finished Desires of the Dead the next day. . . 

I was doing a lot of emails, and playing Yatzy

And I thought I took a good photo of myself with the pump in the background, the access being just visible and of course wearing blue.

Now you’re wondering why is there a map of Wisconsin, much less the counties of Wisconsin . . . it a new idea I have in my head but I still need to figure out what the idea will mean.

Now about yesterday I saw my doctor and my CSL Plasma staffs that works hard everyday to make sure their donors understand why they come in to donate. So when I told them that I would make a visit and despite the constructions going on, they were happy to see me and donors were enlighten to actually see a person who uses plasma. They were busy than the last time I was there.  


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