Secret Life of the American Teenager

Here is what I predict that going to happen from here on out of the SLOT, and what season five might offer . . .

First we had the pregnancy scared from Amy, now it’s the matter of setting the date for the wedding. But will there be one?

Ben and Dylan are a bored

Grace is a attention-wanna bee and is too obesse with herself

Adrian is finding her place and is growing up finally!

Madison and Lauren need to make-up and move on from the past

Ricky, keep doing what you’re doing because someone deserves to have a happy summer

here are some spoliers i’ve fouind on

4-19  “The Splits” Episode 92  April 30, 2012
 Ben and Dylan have their first official date. Tom gets into a problem with the law when he attempts to drive despite not having a license.
Thoughts: The date will be again boring, and Tom only get in trouble if Jack involved. Summer school will be still dull
4-20  “Strange Familiar” Episode 93  May 7
 Dylan attempts to bond with Adrian. Kathleen tries to bribe Grace into speaking with Jacob.
Thoughts: Adrain is a smart girl, don’t bond with Dylan and Grace get over yourself and get to know your half-brother
4-21  “Allies” Episode 94   May 14
Katelyn informs Amy she’s failing in summer school; George helps Amy with her problem and gives her advice.
 Thoughts: Amy is too stress out, and obivously something is distracting her
4-22  “The Text Best Thing”  Episode 95  May 21
 Amy sets a date for the wedding.  The news spreads; so does a rumor about Anne.
Thoughts: Good for Amy and Ricky! and that rumor has to be about Anne being gay what else could it be?
4-23  “4SNP” Episode 96  May 28
 Grace is envious of Amy being at the center of attention thanks to the rumors. What can Grace do to get people talking about her? See the “other spoilers” section below for one possibility… Anne and Ashley come back from Europe
Thoughts: Grace, GET OVER YOURSELF!!!, Amy deserve a happy spotlight at least she  not in the spotlight like she was when she was a freshman and was pregnant
4-24  “Love is Love”   4th season finale  Episode 97  June 4
Something happens, either Ricky and Amy are celebrating a  anniversary  or someone OTHER than Ben and Dylan falls in loves
5-1  “To Begin With…”  Episode 98  June 11
Amy checks into a hotel.
Thoughts: What in the Hell Happens? Obivious something between Ricky and Amy. And what about John?
5-3  Episode 100!  June
 It is a big accomplishment for a show to reach 100 episodes. A new freshman named Kathy (Cierra Ramirez) is 6 months pregnant and plans to give the baby up for adoption. Amy acts as her mentor.  Kathy lives with her grandmother.  Episode 100 includes singing and dancing…
 Other spoilers
In season 5, look for Kathy (mentioned above) to stick around, as Cierra Ramirez will be a series regular.  Michael Grant (Ethan) is also becoming a series regular.
Amy may go to jail. Secret Life has explored every possible heterosexual pairing among the central six teens (Amy, Adrian, Grace, Ben, Ricky, Jack) other than Jack and Amy; this spring, Adrian and Grace will explore the possibility they have feelings for each other.
In season 5, Emmy winner Leslie Jordan will appear, as will Haylie Duff.
Also what will happen in season five, if Amy and Ricky are still together and can forgive and forget whatever it may be that lead Amy to a hotel. Amy will be a senior and hopefully we’ll see a graduation and a marriage. Adrian should have meet someone by now and is devoted unless she and Grace get “together” Ben who knows and don’t care really. And if season five is the final season then let’s hope that marriage between Amy and Ricky works out and good news.

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