How my Cat got his name . . .

Year 2000,

We as a family thought about getting a cat . . . so we went to the local animal shelter and I picked up One cat name “Benjamin” and I just knew he was the one.

Two weeks later,

Dad asks what are you going to name him? I sat in the car thinking . . . the only name that pops in my mind was TJ.

Then Dad asks what does TJ stands for? Me . . . ThunderJam, it from a movie I’d watch . . . Mind of a 10 year old.

Here’s the link about the movie, No it does not deal with cats or dogs

Now 5 years later . . .

TJ decided that he likes to be called Buddy . . . he response to it very well. So in all sense of my cat name title is . . .

Buddy T.J (ThunderJam) Benjamin

He is 11 years old as of right now 2012, and he weights about 15 pounds . . . Yes he is a big boy.


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