Kaylee Cavanaugh’s World

Kaylee thought she was normal . . . but the truth is that she is far from normal.

Showing up at homecoming with Nash would have been all the revenge I could ask for agaisnt Toby. But that wasn’t gonna happen. I wasn’t even a blip on Nash Hudson’s social radar” ~ Kaylee (MSTLose)

“You’re a bean sidhe, Kaylee. The death premonitions are normal. They’re part of who you are.” ~Nash (MSTTake)

“I’d failed — again — and another girl had lost her soul” ~ Kaylee (MSTSave)

“You said you loved me, then you lied to me, you influenced me, and you let Avari possess me and do – I can’t imagine wjat – with my body” ~ Kaylee (MSTKeep)

“It’s cute, how he still thinks he loves you. Very chivalrous. Very Nash. But if you’re not gonna make your move, don’t blame me for making mine.” ~ Sabine (MSTSteal)

Between Month 3 and Month 4 of Soul Screamer Challenge, I was already ahead two months so I’ve been reading other amazing books. So I have to compose my thought on everything so far in Kaylee’s world.

In My Soul To Keep, Kaylee gets heartbroken by Nash’s demon’s breath addiction and the consequences were very high . . . Tod seem to be more or less involved with Kaylee. Of course he’s being quite because he was still struggling with the loss of Addy. Kaylee’s dad now sets the rules and join forces with Harmony because she deals with one living son who is on addiction and one dead son who does what he pleases.  In the end, Kaylee learns that she cannot trust Nash anymore and decide that they need a break from each other.

The next book is My Soul To Steal, it begins with talks of a new girl in school and the new girl is nothing ordinary. Sabine Campbell, she’s your worst nightmare . . . literally, and she came to East Lake High for one reason only . . . Nash. But Kaylee and Sabine butt heads over Nash and Tod tells Kaylee to let Nash go. While Avari still seeks out Kaylee, that’s not the only thing that Kaylee dealing with. Alec whom she saves in the last book also has memory loss . . .blackouts and realizes that Avari been possessing him. In the end Kaylee, Sabine, Nash, Emma and Tod are pulled into the Netherworld but good overcomes evil. Will Avari ever leave Kaylee alone?

Also note: “Fearless” in Kiss Me Deadly shares all about Sabine Campbell and in EnthralledNiederwald” shares an Sabine’s desires and Emma being dragged along with as they both soon find out a fate unfolding.

I love the characters, the series and the romance that comes along with Soul Screamers. WIth IF I DIE next to read (currently re-reading) and Before I Wake (all fans anticipations of What will happen next) and Rachel now currently working on With All My Soul. We’ll have to wonder how this series going to end? How will Rachel end the series?


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