Infusion Blog # 9

As I hope for smooth transition this week, after what happen last time . . . But NOOOO

My dear friend over at MidWest Immunology, accidently sent 160grams meaning 2 80 grams bottle shipment. I was orginally supposed to start my 80 grams infusion in three week marking June 1st as the beginning of my 4 week infusions. After having realizing the mistake, my doctor gave the go ahead to start 80 grams this week and begin my every 4 week infusions.

I was definitly bloated as results of getting all this immunglobulin pumped into me. So what I did today was writing my review on If I Die by Rachel Vincent, I also just relaxed before this big weeked I just had. My nurse Angela was awesome, we both joined forces dealing with the confusions and then getting the infusion started after everything was sorted. I also read The Last Echo because I was still currently reading it and finished it this weekend.

My friend Amy graduated in her program which was mine as well and the ceremony was longer than mine because there were more students, I also took pictures for her than having a professional asking 30 dollars for photos at the graduating ceremony.

Today I wore a off white sheer top, with brown tank (I was going to wear white but I decided at last minute to wear brown) then to add a little splash of color, I wore a blue feather and chains with red beading.


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