My reading pile

Well as you notice, I have been reading a few books . . .  I just finished IF I DIE by Rachel Vincent and I also read The Last Echo by Kimberly Derting although I have not posted my review on The Last Echo but I will soon.  So I still have my reading goal of 50 books for the year, so if I go over it by another 20 or 50 books then 2013 will be a larger reading goal. Hopefully College and work will still allow me to do reading during my off time.

So what am I reading now?

With my recent shipment of books from B&N, they are the anticpating next book of The Mortal Instrument: City of Lost Soul, Kitty and the Midnight hour, and Trinity(I won’t say muh about that right now)

My reading pace is this . . . on average I read two books between two week period, something depending on length and time it’s three weeks. But no book is not ever read in one month, that not how I roll as a reader.

So here’s what May incentives .

1. Trintiy (I’m halfway done)

2. TMI: City of Lost Soul

3. Kitty and the Midnight hour

4. Shadow Bound (comes out next week!)

5.  . . . ?

June incentive is widely opened to whatever my heart desires

1. Before I Wake (must read)

2. Raised by wolves

3.  .  . . ?

Now the reading pile, which I’m sure will grow because of some upcoming release of books that I’m dying to read

We have Raised By Wolves By Jennifer Lynn Barnes, of course I have gotten book one and two for my bff Katie’s birthday last year and we will attempt to do a book reading club for the series. But I also have her other book titled “Every Other Day” I’m curious what it’s about.

Next I have already read Crusade by Nancy Holder and Debbie Viguie, and I trie to read Damned but I got side-track so I will read it again

Next is the book I won from a givaway by Fiktshun A Tempation of Angels

And the Unearthly series, a book I’ve been wanting read but never had the time too. . . 😦

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