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So for Memorial Weekend, my mom and I went to see Mirror Mirror, and I love it! I regonize some of the dwarfs that appeared on this Movie . . .

One is Matin Kiebba, who plays Marty in the Pirates of the Carribbean movies

Second Mark Povinelli, who plays kinko/Walter in Water for Elephant and Thridly Danny Woodburn, who play as one of the dwarfs in Charmed Series whenever the charmed ones needed their help.

So I’ve been anixous to see what Bill Condon will present for Breaking Dawn Part 2 posters with Bella, Edward and Jacob. Beside the “Forever” poster that was the only thing available but just a few days ago, they finally presented characters posters. I have to say I’m disappointed and immedately thought “photoshop” 100 percent photosho. BDp2 is extactly like the Eclipse posters. Here’s the comparison.

No.1  Same color tone of gray, monotone

No. 2 Bella’s face shot, eyes are different color but it still look very close to one another

No.3 You could almost say they’re wearing the same outfits but Bella’s BDp2 has a leater shine

No. 4 Lips color are identical!

No. 5 Edward and Jocab are pracitally wearing the same outfits again

No. 6 Face shots are easily photoshopped.

What’s your opinion on the new BD2 posters?

Bella BDp2                                                                              Bella ECLIPSE

Kristen Stewart - Bella Swan Character Poster from The Twilight Saga Breaking Dawn Part II

Edward BDp2                                                                 Edward ECLIPSE

Robert Pattinson - Edward Character Poster from The Twilight Saga Breaking Dawn Part II

Jacob BDp2                                                                         Jacob ECLIPSE

Taylor Lautner (Jacob)

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