Unbound Book 2: “Shadow Bound”

The next new dark world of the Unbound series by Rachel Vincent, and I have to say she has not disappoint but in fact she pushes to the limit of making every one of her books thrilling to read.

Shadow Bound (Unbound, #2)So Shadow Bound, this time it’s KIn the highly anticipated Unbound series by Rachel Vincent, I present Shadow Bound! So at the end of Blood Bound, Kori’s boss Jake Tower is shot in his own home and in effort to protect him she failed to do so. So now the punishment that Kori get is false darkness created by infrared lights in the basement. But now Jake Tower is releasing Kori on a job . . . No an order. The job is recruit Ian Holt or kill him. Then we meet Ian Holt, who has his own mission . . . killing Jake Tower’s best binder Kenley Daniels who just happens to be Kori’s younger sister. So what happen when Ian and Kori are put together? They become eclipse yes that how I’d describe them . . . Eclipse. Why? Because Kori is dark and Ian is the light, and together they are one. While Kori is trying to regain her strength after so many weeks in the false dark, shield from the world. She learns a few things, one Kenley has a girlfriend . . . yes you might remember her from Blood Bound and one of Cam’s close friend Van(Vanessa), two every man want Ian Holt for his ability, and thirdly Kori was falling in love. Jake Tower tell Kori to do whatever it takes to get Ian Holt to sign on, anything that even means she has to give up her virtue. Shadow Bound has a sweet revenge almost, and with a little help from outside circle and free will. Kori and her sister Kenley can be free of Jake Tower . . . forever. ori Daniels and Ian Holt’s POV . . .  don’t worry we still saw Liv and Cam in the book as well.



Now my opinions,

The Goods: Well thankfully, Kori is alive . . . a little beaten up and lost of herself, but with the help of her sister Kenley and Ian Holt telling her to dig deep within herself to find herself.  We come across Liv and Cam, now in the fist book towards the end Cam’s contract was brought by Cavazos in order to save his love Liv, then Cavazos offer Liv a contract as well You take half of his time. Seven and a half years, from the day you sign. Yu can serve together and watch Hadley grow up. Then you can leave, if you that’s want you want. Together” – Cavazos words “BB” ” So that what’s happen, she sign on and now she and Cam has to get Ian Holt.  Oh! Remember Van? (Vanessa, who we met briefly in BB) Yeah well she just so happen to be Kenley’s girlfriend(squeal). 

The Bad: Well there isn’t much, except there wasn’t much talk about Noelle and her history with Cavazos (some of us are wondering if she is still alive, despite what Cavazos’s wife says). The Towers brothers both sounded like a wimp, but Julia is one hard b***ch and very demeaning. Ian’s friends are certainly judgemental and kept pressuring him to kill Ken;ey Daniels even when Ian realizes that he likes Kori.

The In between: Oh I felt sad for Kori in her hard times, but I’m glad she opened up to Ian about how she wasn’t sure who she was anymore. Ian was certainly her light. I’m so proud of Kenley being able to break the bound between herself, Van, Ian’s friends and Kori.

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