Infusion Blog # 10

No wonder why today is going so great for me!

It’s the tenth infusion blog I’ve done, WOW I didn’t even think I done so many but I know I’ll have triple more by the time I’m 25.

So why is this day so great for me? Well One being that it’s Friday! Second its a World Record in my book . . .

Here how it went, I was access by 915, my bottles arrive at 915, then I was started at 935. Seriously this never happens before! So We’ll see what time I am done to determine just how fast today went.

I have some writing to do (maybe) but I’m currently tempted on books when I doing my Infusion . . . the books of the day are, 1. Raised By Wolves by Jennifer Lunn Barnes, 2. Bridger by Megan Curd and 3. Traitor(bridger #2)  by Megan Curd.

As usual I write reviews, this time after asking an blogger why she takes notes. se said it so she can remember certain part of the movie and it help her write the review better. So I have green tabs growing out of Raised By Wolves, and I’ll see how taking notes will help my review.



I needed an opinion from my BFF on a section of the book, should I put it in or take it out? She said keep it, it sounds really cool. I had to tell her that I was going off of dangerous love situation and she loves that! So now I have to figure out how to gradually start it in Chapter Seven and have Chapter Eight be Explosive.

So for the Temptation book reads, is Megan  Curd’s second book in the Bridger series “Traitor”  I’ve been waiting to read this book and now I can read it 🙂 I’d probably read it at the GYM since I need to work out more. You can always use a good read while working on your body, you never know sometime the level of your excerise increase like when you listen to music and gets you hype up more during a long hour workout.  

Well that’s all for now, I’m also reading one of mom’s old romance book called The Pull of the Moon (9 months later)

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