Busy Bee

Ok so I haven’t been reading a whole lot unless it at the gym šŸ˜¦

My family and I are currently cleaning out 18 years worth of stuff in our basement . . . and placing them in contains “to keep” and “to sell”

With that it includes going on eBay to search for what each item should have like for example, I was (still am) a Gargoyles fan and I have a large Goliath figurinesĀ and what I found was a large gun and a sword but I had no idea which weaponĀ belongs. So eBay was helpful becauseĀ I also have DemonaĀ who is currently missing one of her wings and I learned that she has the gun and Goliath has the sword. ButĀ what’s got me really thinking, Goliath never use any form of weapon, his large size was enough so the sword was completely off since Hudson has a sword (that his trademark) and every time Demona is around, she always has a gun.

Also I neglectedĀ my writing project (which is going great except for not working on it like I have been lately). So Next week I’ll be doing a whole lot of stuff since I’m going to Milwaukee for the weekend with my mom and my bff, squeal! we’re going to have so much fun!

I might have other news to share but I’m going to wait until I know for a fact that I have something to share.


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