Forbidden To You

You’re forbidden but I can’t seem to resist you . . . 

In the first ever book I’ve read that was solely one point of view by a male protagonist, first off Megan did a great job writing from a male’s perspective and while we’re still waiting for a sequel of Forbidden, you can read her other books/series Bridger.

What the details on this Forbidden book? Here’s a description of the book

Forbidden (The Guardian Chronicles, #1)

Levi’s job is to protect his human until it’s their time to go. That’s what a Guard does. He’s done it for years on end, and he’ll spend his eternity doing the same, mundane thing, following the same, mundane rules. 

…Watch from afar.

…Never share your name.

…And above all, never touch a human.

What Levi doesn’t know is that his newest human to protect, Hannah, just might be the catalyst to tipping the scales between good and evil, and he will be forced to decide which side he belongs to. Which friends will he side with, and who will he ultimately protect: his human, or the delicate balance that hangs on stopping the heartbeat of the person he has sworn to protect?

And, when you’re already condemned, what’s there to lose by breaking the rules?

THE GUARDIAN CHRONICLES: FORBIDDEN will take you into a world of Guards and Guardians, Light and Darkness. What side will you take?

Ok now you know what it’s about, it has the vibe of Angels, Guardians, and out of this world mythical creatures. Now I’m a huge fan of theme that deals with Angels, Guardian and such so that why it only took me two day to read this book. If you’re looking for these type of books, some I would recommend are Hush Hush series by Becca Fitzpatrick, Kissed by an Angel series by Elizabeth Chandler, and the Mercy series by Rebecca Lim.  

Levi is a Guard, watching his Call (Calls are people a Guard has to protect until it’s their time to go) But Levi’s job got a lot harder when one girl seems to be attacked non-stop[ as restless Levi gets, he knows it his job . . . no matter how much he hates it. With a help of his buddy, they both fight Fallens, and worst . . .Hunters. Just when it was time for Levi’s Call Hannah to die, he stops it from happening therefore upsetting the balance between good and evil. Evil wants Hannah dead and Levi has to find out why they want her dead but also why he’s so attracted to her . . .No why he’s completely in love with her.

There was a lot of 180 degree turn in this book, which was great it kept you on edge thinking “Now What?” “How was this possible?” scenarios. I love everything about this book, and had a few flashback memories of high school.


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