Infusion Blog # 11

Well this is a late post, since it’s already Monday and I usually have this post written and posted at the end of the weekend.

This infusion went as smoothly as the last one did, I’m excited and hype up to be about the minor changes that was promised.

I was done just before 1pm and usually it just after 1pm but I guess because after I was access and then my stuff came up then we started right away.

I decide to wear purple as it is one of my favorite color, but also the past week been extremly hot so I didnt want to dress up too warm. Plus what better way than to rock purple in plaid and a feather clip on which I got many comments on 🙂

One thing about going to the hospital since I’ve started 13 plus years ago, it that you don’t have to be in a hospital gown . . . that is up to your comfort unless you were having surgery, then I can’t really speak for you there. But really, dress to your comfort

 Now I believe I did spend a little time writing and eating a huge salad while I was there. The hospital now has resturant-style services where you can call and order whatever you want unless you on a diet retrisction or the nurse will do it for you thus them becoming a part time waistress. The,n I also spent some time reading, and boy I have been reading. Right now as in Today I just finished This Is Not A Test by Courtney Summers and I’ll be writing a review sometimes today or tomorrow.  I just posted Dark Eden Review on Goodread yesturday after taking a few days to wrap my head around that book. I’ll poste it on this blog also, AFTER I write a single chapter for my book.

I might have not express how much I love Storm-theme movies, not entiry the end of the world type movies but taking me to a movie that is diaster/weather theme/storm movies will make me happy. So what movie did I really watch? Twister (1996) Starring Bill Paxton and Helen Hunt. I do wish they make another movie like Twister and I wouldn’t mind seeing it in 3D or 4D whatever technology is doing with movies.


Well I’m off to write since I’ve already spent an hour writing this blog . . . Wish me luck!

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