Infusion Blog # 12

Today was another infusion day!

Started just slightly later than it has been but due to confusion and new nurse, I ended up getting a different nurse who knows how I roll 🙂

Plus I told my nurse that once you got me access, my stuff will arrive in 10 second at the door, and there you go! I was right just seconds after I was done being accessed my stuff was here!

I was considering doing a short video but I’m not that comfortable in front of video cameras and I kept getting interrupted. so maybe next time I’ll do it My bottles came with four 10 grams bottles and two 20 grams bottle this time around and the little ones kept giving me air-in-line.

I spend my time writing and plotting of my project only because it need to be more original, so I’m working on that plus I was trying to create the majority of bad guys and who runs the world (sort of)

Then I need a break so I work on the new book idea that will potentially become my next writing project, working on a time frame for the book that I think will be consist of three.

As far to this writing career, I’m still debating with myself on getting a publisher picking me up or self-publish and be potentially pick up by someone. I have just a little over a month to work on the book, but then I will be back in school and will only have time to write during my infusions.

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