Rescue of the day

So today, the stray cat that been wandering around my house and disturbing my cat who is 11-year-old and doesn’t like other cats. (There should be a lesson in there)

So here’s what happen, the stray cat attack a baby bunny and mauled it’s fur of the back so we had to call someone to come pick it up and hopefully nurse the bunny back to health. So this lovely woman who loves to work with animals shared her story and I actually got to see an OWL! Oh so cute and the eyes were HUGE compares to its body. I took a few picture and look at the woman’s profile of what she does for a living. She takes care of any animals that are in need of rehabilitation. So she came to rescue the injured bunny which both myself and my dad got up close and saw it had a white mark on its forehead so (her) name that I chose was Starlet because of her white mark.

My dad and I do plan to go see her place of Wildlife Rehabilitation and get an experience that you don’t normally ever get.  

Here’s the owl that I met 🙂

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