Being more High Tech

SO today, I was so excited to have a new TV . . . Why? Well after we had a very violent lighting storm about a year ago or two years ago that cause the input from the TV to the VCR/VHS combo to not connect picture on the screen. So a new TV was in need to fix that (Problem solved Right?) But after spending two-hour with the VCR/VHS to show color (yes it played the movie but in B&W not color) and trying different input cable, it would not show in color, even sometimes sounds. 😦 So we called and we’re going to end up needing to take it back to get a new one and hopefully that will fix the problem.

32′ Toshiba Screen TV








On another note, I’ve been dying to have a Keyboard/Stand for my Ipad because i just can’t handle the keyboard on the Ipad, missing typed letter (I type very fast, especially when I write) So I was able to get what I wanted at a good price and it came with it own case! Bonus 🙂 I will most likely be using the Ipad more for school than my laptop because of many variable.

Here’s the Logitech in ACTION

1. Laptop weights like 6lbs and the Ipad weights 1lbs

2. I can do anything that I can do on my Laptop plus without all the distraction on my laptop that I’d get easily drawn to.

3. I just really wanted a larger keyboard so I can type during my restless night in bed

Yes I have a Zebra Ipad Case, No I don’t live in New Jersey 🙂 I live in the State of Dairy and Chesse and tasty Beer 🙂

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