Near the end of Summer

Well I’ve been away from online, and my Iphone keeps running on low battery everywhere I go. . . So I tweet my phone when I can and make calls to Fam for updates.

I am helping out my cousin move into his new townhouse and cleaning the old place, we did shopping for his house and of course put together coffee table, end table(Pain in the butt) and lamps. We’re mostly done as far as moving things into his new place but now we need to create a house in the townhouse. We’re waiting for the couch and we’re looking for a TV (flat screen). (accomplished!)

Note: Can you figure out the Trivia?

I might have an idea of what to get him for Christmas but I still need to scan his house to see what is missing. With my cousin being a Seattle Seahawks that does give me a hint.

I also saw my cousin (his brother) and saw the kids (Willis and Stella the cats) for the longest time too. The kids are big now and still very much the same . . .I’ll share a duos photos.

Stella is the white and black and Willis is the Black and white, or in other words Stella is on the mantle of her home. 🙂



Other fun stuff . . .


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