Heaven Review

Book Three of the Halo series by Alexandra Adornetto . . .

If you haven’t heard of her books, then I hate to admit you’re missing out! Go start the series NOW!

I love this book! It had all new kind of dangers and consequences but I love how Beth and Xavier were willing to fight even though it took a chapter or two for Ivy and Gabriel to realizes the same. I gave it a five stars ratings just because it was amazing 🙂

Heaven (Halo, #3)Against all odds, Beth and Xavier are fighting for the one thing that is right . . .being together.

In this thrilling conclusion, we are brought back to the ending of hades . . .  the ground began to shakes, the sky turns dark . . . then everything was back to normal. Beth and Xavier took it as a warning but it wasn’t going to stop them from doing what Xavier and Beth wanted to do in the next very moment.
Now their actions upsets the people above, Ivy and Gabriel tell them they need to hide until they can figure out how to handle this situation. Being Mrs. Xavier Woods was something Beth always dreams of and now she is but doesn’t like the fact that heaven couldn’t accept her feelings for Xavier.
Ivy and Gabriel put Beth and Xavier in a college dorm to keep them hidden but of course they weren’t know as Mr. and Mrs. Woods, the story was that they were brother and sisters AWKWARD! Molly turns up at the same college and met a guy who was trying to change who she is and make her accept his family religion which wasn’t genuine or is a part of God’s beliefs.
There is a reason why Heaven never wanted Beth and Xavier to pair up as a couples, Ivy shares a secret that impacted Xavier personally.
A seven located Beth and Xavier and someone’s get hurt then possess, along with a sacrifice to settle a score and change someone forever. Molly and Gabriel has a moment, a moment that Molly had always hope for and everyone was in shocked.
The gang returns back to Venus Cove after being on the run but home is the first place where a Seven can find them, one threatens to kill a human (who is it? I’m going to let you find that out yourself) Beth reluctantly goes back to heaven only to feel homesick from earth and Xavier, now she has more of a reason to fight. Allies help her out, and she return to earth as human.

Love is worth the risks, love and being with Xavier was Beth’s heaven


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