Infusion Blog Lucky 13

Ok FYI, this isn’t my thirteenth time of doing my infusion in fact it more like thirteen years since I’ve been doing this. I have only started doing Infusion blogs for about a year and not even that, in November it will mark the one year anniversary of infusion blog.

With School literally around the corner, I have so many blog to write between now and Tuesdays because I’ve started one (Not complete yet) and I have to write a book blog because I just read the most AMAZING BOOK EVER! I’m currently on RIFT the prequel of Nightshadces series by Andrea Cremer. If I finish that book before Tuesday that is another book blog I have to do.

Rift was also being read today during my infusion, although right now it’s a bit confusing. Maybe it the timeline of where this book take place or how the dialogue is written.

I might blog about my first week back to school but let’s see my four days goes the next week. In other news I just won four books this week from Fiktshun 🙂 I have no idea when I’ll be able to read these book (during the gym maybe) but I can’t wait to read them! 🙂 I will be busy however this weekend celebrating my two youngest cousins one will be five and one will be two (Seriously KIDS grow up too fast!)

A little how my Infusion transfuse . . .

So it seems that today was a very unusual day because my tubing had a leak and leaked onto the side of my pants 😦  Note it was very rare for something like this to happen.

Now overall the infusion went well, I was shocked that my bottles arrive before I got access which made things go very smooth expect for the leaky leak and last bottle having air-in-line (GRR always happens)

Lunch was very YUMMY 🙂 the cake? not so much . . . but I couldn’t eat the whole cake at all with the sandwich I ate. So because I was bored I tried to watch Disney’s Peter Pan but I ended up just taking a picture of Nana resetting the blocks that george darling kept tripping over along with NANA (Poor Nana)

 I did do some work with my untitled work, I had this character that I had to debate how to create her and then I was going to do another that would come later in the untitled work but I forgot the baby book name (Knock head on wood) so I had a struggle with his name, middle and last name.

When I came home . . . a book called Don’t Turn Around by Michelle Gagnon arrived at my house, I won an Author are Rockstars Tour Events from The FABULOUS Fiktshun and it turns out that her giveaway of “Clearing the Pile” I also won three additional books all ARCs (first ARCs I will ever have)


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