Start of everything dull

Ok so it’s was my first week back to school, 3 out of 5 of my classes are very easy breezy except I haven’t had my fifth class yet since it was labor week. I really dislike my history professor’s teaching style. Expect us to know what to read and what to prepare for the next class day and doens’t use any form of Technology or any knowledge of use. He has two student probably with some form of history under their belt and they provide the set up of technology.

I have gotten some reading done since school started, but I will not be reading as much unless it’s my off time with nothing to do. I will only be writing on the last friday of the month or while I travel or have off day/no homework.

i’ll still be very actively Tweeting and being Social but it will be on how much I either enjoy or dislike or random.  So in other words, see you when I can . . .


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