What I am currently reading

Hey fellow readers,

So I am currently reading a series titled Kitty Norville by Carrie Vaughn, keep in mind that I read late at night now since school started. I am ready Kitty and the Silver Bullet (book 4). So far it pretty amazing and thrilling, so here’s a few things that going on in Kitty’s life

From Kitty takes a Holiday, the book ended with Kitty and lawyer/boyfriend/packmate trying to save Cormac from a trial in the small community that Kitty was hanging around during her hiatus.

So now, Kitty and Ben visit Cormac as Ben search for ways to beat the upcoming trial against Cormac. Kitty has also not been feeling well the past few weeks and it taking a toll on her physically.

After a full moon shift with Ben, she began to experience some medical issues, while Ben tells her to go see the doctor she did . . . only to find out that she had a miscarriage Yes Kitty was pregnant, but the thing about lycanthropes it makes it hard to carries a baby due to the shifting. It doesn’t survive through the shifting.

While Kitty and Ben deal with this unexpected news/loss, an old friend from Denver and he is a vampire. Rick is seeking to cut off the power that the master vampire Auturo of Denver has. But Kitty can’t go home, not after what happen in the beginning where her friend T.J was killed.

Then she has to go home after her dad called about her mom needing more tests, because they think she might have cancer. This is also the first time Ben is meeting Kitty’s family.

Kitty also get to meet a famous celebrity and talk on her old radio show at the KNOB, and learned that this celebrity is a vampire and Rick seems to be in league with her as well other werewolves. Carl and Meg makes an appearance and they’re not too happy that Kitty is back in Denver.   Kitty helps a werewolve and detective Hardin seeks Kitty help

Now that all I’m going to say since that is the summary of what’s been going on. I hope to have it read by next week or so and have a review. 🙂

Enjoy reading Readers!


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