Kitty and the Silver Bullet

I’m a little late posting/writing the reviw of this book but I finally had the time and now I will share you my thoughts

Kitty and the Silver Bullet (Kitty Norville, #4)The Book Description: Kitty’s radio show is as popular as ever and she has a boyfriend who actually seems to understand her. Can she finally settle down to a normal life? Not if this is just the calm before the storm. When her mother falls ill, Kitty rushes back to Denver–and right back to the abusive pack of werewolves she escaped a year ago. To make matters worse, a war is brewing between the city’s two oldest vampires, threatening the whole supernatural community. Though she wants to stay neutral, Kitty is again drawn into a world of politics and violence. To protect her family, her lover, and herself, she’ll have to choose sides. And maybe become what she hates–a killer.

My Review: Two pack wolves is all she need right? Herself and her mate but she might be wrong . . .
Kitty and Ben makes a visit to Cormac, while Kitty is having some issues and she’s not sure what’s going on.
After the full moon, Kitty seems to get even more ill but werewolves don’t get sick. When Ben tell her to go get check, Kitty learns the shocking news . . . she was pregnant. But due to the werewolve virus and that pregnancy and shifting don’t mixed. This experience lead to Kitty thinking about her future but she never thought about children until she found she WAS pregnant.
An old friend comes asking Kitty for help to take down the master vampire in Denver and Kitty been doing all she can to stay away from Denver after what happen in the beginning, and T.J one of her best friend died trying to challenged Carl and Meg who then exiled Kitty and told her that she would be dead-meat if she’s ever comes back. But an urgent call from her dad regards to Kitty’s mom, she and Ben heads to Denver as peacefully as she can and discreet.
Then Kitty is offered a shot to talk on her old radio show to one of the most well know actress who has a secret of her own . . . her success over the past 40 years and barely aging? Well you can figure it out, she’s a vampire. But this vampire seems to be in league with someone among the vampires and werewolves in denver and Carl and Meg aren’t too happy that Kitty has returned.
Now Kitty must make a stand, she must do the thing she never thouhg she could do . . . become the next Alpha. Can Kitty end this coming war or will she fail herself and everyone that depends on her stand?
The ending had a bittersweet moment, but I’m not going to tell you what it is!

My Thoughts:

From book three, I’m glad Kitty found love but even Kitty didn’t believe that she could have found the most perfect man/mate/laywer/friend. I like Ben from the beginning and when I read in between the line there was a flirtly/chemstry between Kitty and Ben even though it was Kitty and Cormac in the first and second book.

Ben is now adjusting to being a werewolf but is still doing what he always did before he was bitten and that was being a laywer, he was still trying to find evidence to get Cormac out of jail but he wasn’t having any luck and Cormac said to both Ben and Kitty that he would have had to serve his time sooner rather than later. Cormac give Kitty a push when she was having doubts of herself and he gave her and Ben the blessing of them being a couple.

One of Kitty’s vampire friend Rick shows up and asked Kitty for her help, but with Kitty dealing with the sudden miscarriage and the fact that she didn’t know that she was pregnant, but Rick is planning to take down the vampire master in Denver where Kitty hasn’t been to since T.J’s death and her exiled. Kitty said no only because I think she was fearful of what could happen if she were to ever go back to Denver and having to faced the Alphas Carl and Meg the very people that exiled her and killed her best friend.

But Kitty receive an urgent call from her dad asking her to come home because there was something wrong with her mom, Ben and Kitty left as soon after that call and went straight towards her parents house where Ben finally meets the family. Kitty’s family is aware of Kitty’ being a werewolf but they didnt look at her any different, she was their daughter. Kitty’s sister with two kids also was around and being around kids was a little hard on Kitty since what happen to her and finding out that it may never be possible for her to have kids.

In the meantime, Rick finds out Kitty in Denver, asks for her help again and Kitty was cornered facing Carl and Meg, along with a celebrity vampire.  Kitty then comes to realizes that there’s going to be a war whenter she’s in it or not. Kitty wants out but Ben being glad to be home, he doesn’t want to leave and called Kitty a coward for running away from the problem instead of facing it.

Now there weren’t too much fighting going on except Kitty hitting the mark on Carl and Meg, thus letting her grow into an Alpha she was about to come along with Ben on her side. It was werewolves vs. vampires, vampires vs. vampires and werewolves vs. werewolves. 

In the end Kitty was able to stand against Carl and Meg, and Rick becoming the new master vampire of denver. Her mom has a battle ahead of her and Ben comes to a realization and asked a very important question . . .

2 thoughts on “Kitty and the Silver Bullet

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    • Thank you I do my best when reviewing books, this is one of my lengthly one and because I don’t own the next couple books by Carrie. So I can refer back to what happen in this book as reference for the next book. Kitty always find trouble wherever she goes

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