Infusion Blog #14

Well my first Infusion during the school year . . .

Let’s just say I was glad that it came but I’m sad that it went by quick after all the stress I’d been under

I worked on math mostly spending little time with writing like I intended to but I might write later on tonight after one part of my math is done

Attending an university level is much harder and more demanding than the tech but I’m glad that I’m changing course rather than suffer myself through it

My next infusion will be more crazy since I’m out of town the day before and possibly be missing classes two days.

I am not currently reading any books but I’m trying to still keep my reading challenge of this year 50 reads, I’m at 42 so I can still do it with 3 months left

One book t0-read is intertwined by gena showalter because it sounds interesting I still want to read Damned (Crusade #2) because I’d enjoy the first book and started the second one at the wrong time.

I dont know what would be next after that, I have a very short window of time reading/blogging review between school, bowling and writing,

Until next time . . .

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