How can it be October?

Well the colors of the leaves are falling . . . and yes our leaves change color super early, I will be creating a photography blog on my

So be sure to check it out later this week.

So I’ve been completely stressed and I’m really taking on more than I can balance, but I just keep telling myself that I have 2 and a half months left of school

I miss not writing, I miss my bubbly personality and I miss the fun me . . . where is me?

I know I might or might not reach my GRs reading challenge but we’ll see . . . What I am currently reading is Intertwined by Gena Shadowalter

Right now I’m setting new goals and new perspective in life since my major is not going to be my major

I will be posting a review of Intertwined later this week, and I haven’t decided what to read next . . . either Immortal Rules by Julia Kawaga or something else on my list to read. But also I will be getting Finale by Becca Fitzpatrick later this month because I am dying to know what the conclusion will bring us.

Although while browsing the web, searching up some up coming books Andrea Cremer has gratefully allowed us to read the first two chapter of Rise (second book of nightshade prequel) and I am in AWE and tortured because they were two really great chapter so hurry up 2013! here’s the link to the two chapter.


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