Read-A-Long Challenge

Hey guys!

As you probably know I’m a huge fan of Rachel Vincent by my sidebars of Team Tod, With All My Soul, and the new “Read-A-Long Shifter series”

  • By her Writing
  • By her characters
  • By her twist and turn
  • By both YA and Adult(Urban Fantasy)

If you haven’t heard her yet, here’s your chance to read her first series that started her career in writing.

The Shifter Series

  • Consists of 6 books
  • Action
  • Romance
  • Danger
  • Werecats

Shifter Books

  • first book: Published in May of 2007 “STRAY”
  • Second Book: Published in April of 2008 “ROGUE”
  • Thrid Book: Published in Feburary of 2009 “PRIDE”
  • Fourth Book: Published in July of 2009 “PREY”
  • Fifth Book: Published in Feburary of 2010 “SHIFT”
  • Finally . . . Sixth Book: Published in October 0f 2010 “ALPHA”

Hackaroo’s Review will be hosting this SIX Month Read-A-Long, Fans will get to either read Rachel’s work for the first time or dive back into the Shifter books after its conclusion in 2010 with ALPHA.  But keep in mind, this is not the only works Rachel done, she has her YA Soul Screamers Series and her other Urban Fantasy “Unbound Trilogy”

So what are you waiting for, go and sign up for this Read-A-Long Challenge [Click on the Read-A-Long for the sign up link]

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