All Hallows’ Eve

The night is young, but there’s no rest for the wicked

Now don’t worry I’m not a witch that does the whole “bubble bubble troll and trouble” but I was a witch in my past of halloween.

Halloween Costum (not in order)

  • Pocahontas
  • Barbie in a blue dress (cliche I know)
  • Xena the warrior princess
  • A black cat
  • Vampire princess
  • Renaissance girl
  • Witch
  • Doctor in scrubs
  • Gypsy
  • The evil queen from snow white
  • A temporary gorilla

I don’t always celebrate halloween by dressing up, I didn’t take dressing up serious but I love giving out candy.

I’m on candy duties today just before I head off to bowling at 815.  I’ve tried to find some halloween photos but we’re big on christmas more than anything because my birthday is the 28th of december. so maybe around christmas I’ll post some christmas memories. 🙂  But I did my best to find some halloween related photos, so here we go

Note: with Mrs. Pumpkins I am signing love in American Sign Language

I’m going to do another halloween blog of my decor of halloween so look out for the black cat

Pumpkin patch

Mrs. Pumpkins

This was so hot to wear! and I spooked my cat, can’t you tell?

My wicked Queen




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