Picture12Hey what do you know, its December twelve, twenty-twelve or more knowlgy as 12/12/12. Now according to somewhere, anywhere . . .it is the last Major Numerical Date in this Century. It also say that these types of numbers happen every 100 years. While that is interesting, the fact is I know my great-grandmother has been around for almost 95 years so if she most likely experience this numerical dates.

In fun ordeal, lets play a game . . . if we can, list twelve things (anything) that happen in 2012.



Top 12:

1. I’ve read 12 books this years

2. I started a new program

3. Finally cut my hair short

4. Watch the final Twilight Saga movie (It was a BIG deal!)

5. I’ve written over 200 pages worth of my writing even though its all rough drafts

6. Most likely purchases 12 books off Barnes and Nobles

7. My cousins got married although I was not present

8. Shopping with aunts and cousins (major shopping spree!)

9. Did I win 12 books this year? According to Goodreads I did!

10. Meet Andrea Cremer, the author of Nightshade

11. Ace a math test!

12. Participated in blogs challenges

Well that is it for now, I have finals coming up and I’ll be posting christmas segment later next week!

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