2013 Resolutions


Buddy checking out the shelf

It just a few hours away from the end of 2012.


My storage room

And today I am a happy girl1 My misson today was to hunt down a 2013 wall calendar (which did happen) but I was also on the hunt for a bookshelf. Yes you heard me a bookshelf. I have dozens and dozens of books and not a lot of space/places to put them in. So what happens to all thoses books I’ve read or not top priority read. My closet isn’t for clothes and it hasn’t been for a long time, now I call my closet my storage room because that where everything is stored.




Finishing Touch

I do all my work in my room, and I’m still in the process in creating my own system of organization because I want to (Not need to “WANT”) I have a desk that get buried with paper during the school year (So sorry desk) but I spring clean it after every semester (See . . .  Kat can clean). One plan for the summer is maybe expanding my closet because my dad thinks we can and I hope we can.

Before (I clean everything off)

Before (I clean everything off)

Buddy checking the view

Buddy checking the view

This is still my book stacking shelf but this is where new books end up

This is still my book stacking shelf but this is where new books end up

Wait . . .  this was suppose to be a 2013 resolution right? I get I’d better get to that part.

Right now I’ve blogged about TBR pile challenge, so that is one and because this year sadly but not disappointed I didn’t read 50 books but I was close!

So that is one of my resolution . . . . Here are some other

  • I’ve been good with my health but now I need to do better for me . . .  I need to adjust my eating habits during my roadblock of having borderline diabetes. don’t worry I have it under control but I could change a few things.

  • I want to learn to cook . . .no for real I do want to learn how to cook. I will eventually move out and live on own and will have to cook on my own.

  • People want to lose weight right? Yeah well I’m starting with losing five pounds by May when I go in for my every six month check up.  So let’s hope I can do it!

  • I write books (Unpublished and undiscloses except for the main character names) I am now using Scrivener so this will get me one step closer in completeling this book that came to me at the end of summer (worst timing).  This book I’m writing is fun and challengeing but that all I can really say. I think I’ll be one of those Author where I say when the book comes up when it ready but we’ll see.

  • Now I would love to find a job but my state makes it near impossible! So hopfully by summer I’ll find one.

2013 here I come!

Oh drat! I forgot about my little photoshoot I had (that I did) Well there’s another reason to blog perhaps tomorrow? For now go and celebrate!

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