Ending of my break

This week is my last week of break before school starts, I really don’t want this break to be over because of many reasons

One it was short, because I was attending the university we went up until a few days before Christmas and since I am returning back to the Tech college for my new major we always start a week early. So as you can see I only had 3 weeks of break when I usually have 4.

But here’s the headlines of what I did do for my SHORT break

  1. Had a major Christmas family gathering from both sides (One hosted by my family and I)
  2. My 22nd birthday, I finally got Scrivener the writing tool to help with my writing
  3. I got a bookshelf as you saw in my last post “2013 Resolutions”
  4. Girls Lunch in honor of celebrating my 22nd bday and then we played games
  5. Started my 2013 reading list

Later this week I am SO EXCITED BOUNCING UP AND DOWN because (Drums roll please) Andrea Cremer is back in MN to promote RISE (Nightshade Prequel #2) and as much I was tempting to make the book purchase through B&N. I thought Well why not buy it at the release party and whose know I might win one for free.

My plan of action for this awesome event was to bring one of my BFF but she has other plans sadly but I will try and win her some Andrea Cremer’s books since there are giveaways and trivia Q’s. Plus Cake . . . and Wine.

Then after that my mom and I are going to see an ICE Castle (Yes I am talking about an ICE Castle) right next to Mall of America. We will do the tour at night so we can see the illuming lights.   Here’s are some photos of the ICE Castle provided by Mall Of America event pages and photographer Mike Voss. Pretty right?

232-1351192615 234-1351192615

So I will for sure let you know how the event goes and my mom and I chilling adventure.

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