RISE Publication Day

Well this was an exciting weekend for me just before I start a new semester and turning over a new leaf.

IMG_4365IMG_4366So I meet Andrea Cremer again, she was promoting her second book of Nightshade Prequel RISE.

Along my journey of attending events, I discovered new book stores in the cities of Minnesota, so if and when I move to the next state over, I’ll know where to go on occasion.

So there were a small giveaway and that prize was the Nightshade poster that we all seen on FB from Andrea Cremer’s page and the publishing company Penguin Teen, I was able to win one for myself and for my best friend who I know will LOVE IT!  I wish she could have come with me but she had family stuff to do, but maybe the next time she’ll come with me 🙂

One of the fans who is an 8th grader, she loves books so she was able to ask a few questions and try to dig inside Andrea Cremer’s head

IMG_13One of the questions I remember was How did she become to be a writer? It all started when she broke her foot from a horseback riding incident, and figure to give the writing thing a try and BOOM! Nightshade was created.

Andrea did quip that she has other books coming out, one is a co-author David Levithan with a book call Invisibility, there will be a book that will take place after Bloodrose and I believe she said it was adult fiction. then another book (but I didn’t catch what it was). So 2013 alone she has 4 books coming out.  Stay Tune!

Here’s another surprise that I found out at the event, another Author was present . . . yes another AUTHOR, her name is Heather Anastasiu the Author of GLITCH, in February the second book “OVERRIDE” will be release and she’ll be at the same bookstore where I just was at. And then “ShutDown” will be release in July.  So I meet a new Author.

Ok whose ready for pictures?




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