Fine Tasting Wine

Well if you don’t where I live, Its in the Midwest area and BRR its cold out there!

I am lucky not to have to go to school today but I am also sad that many of my friends have classes today . . .keep warm guys!

So the purpose of this post was about wine . . . yes wine. We all love wine 🙂

Well turns out freezing temps and cold weather don’t mix with Wine bottles, so today there was an incident with one of my wine bottle. . . .

It burst and broke the glass . . . yep there was glass involved (Please be careful when dealing with glass, don’t assume its all in large parts there are small pieces)

I’ve never thought about ICED wine but that might be a consideration in the future. Sadly I don’t know what kind of wine it was but seeing all this pink explosion its a shame that it went like this.

Do you see that green bottle behind the pink explosion? Yeah that my favorite wine. . .  Moscato, that one was save so I might have that later this week.

I’m off to write, study and bowling later tonight!  Have a good day!


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